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Cthulhusay is the one and only Python cthulhu-fhtagn-ator (not true, but who cares): an extremely sophisticated software to generate curses and/or cake recipes in R'lyehian (also known as Cthuvian).

Forget about cowsay: it's time to talk like a Great Old. Also, don't forget to walk like a R'lyehian.

Words were taken from'lyehian

Eeerrr... Ok, I guess, but why?

But for the glory of Cthulhu, of course!

Is there... I don't know, any documentation maybe?


I see. What now?

Kn'a nilgh'ri mg r'luhog ep nww mg f'nww uaaahhor bugg.

Which can be translated more or less like "let's add some bugs together to this code": add some feature and do a pull request.

I'm not sure that Python is truly a R'lyehian language...

You may be right. Here it is the JavaScript version:

License and copyright

Copyright 2017 Davide Alberani

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