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  Davide Alberani f3e0d9e095 fix #18: update Axios library 4 months ago
  Davide Alberani 9358360c7c Merge pull request #15 from qqgg231/patch-1 2 years ago
  qqgg231 95aecc9c85 added lxml and pytz dependencies 2 years ago
  Davide Alberani 740a2705ee Merge branch 'master' of 2 years ago
  Davide Alberani c2f46ce802 remove demo site 2 years ago
  Davide Alberani fde269c0dd remove demo link 2 years ago
  Davide Alberani 9f8c1c9387 fix #14: avoid crashing if storage directory is missing 2 years ago
  Davide Alberani 6e6803fcff more robust XPath extractor 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani e7d1ed6faa fix for empty strings 3 years ago
  Diffido b013d39d67 fix #13: improved resposive layout 3 years ago
  Diffido dafcbb6060 #13: improve responsive layout 3 years ago
  Diffido 16146a14d0 use HTML parser 3 years ago
  Diffido a85e0eccae fixed link to demo system 3 years ago
  Diffido 37ddca1697 add footer 3 years ago
  Diffido 2d6b63a593 unified stylesheets 3 years ago
  Diffido 0eb1edb292 remove double license file 3 years ago
  Diffido d693f3d2ee fix typo 3 years ago
  Diffido 26716625ae compare two revisions 3 years ago
  Diffido ddbaa5b0fb use UTC timezone 3 years ago
  Diffido 4261623d1a add documentation 3 years ago
  Diffido 8622c4eb89 improve API paths 3 years ago
  Diffido e7001b2c3f use local fonts 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani e6124ae516 add minified libraries 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani 2678000d68 update file permission 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani cadc6ec2d8 Docker file 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani b5a993634e log error if unable to send an email 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani 339a2cde49 introduce options for SMTP servers 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani 24a6fe7d91 introduce run job now 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani caf2c88ae1 improve schedule layout 3 years ago
  Davide Alberani 7e94cfb43f code documentation 3 years ago