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Docker container

EventMan(ager) requires MongoDB to run.

You can use docker-compose.yml to have a complete environment. Run: docker-compose up --build Please notice that the script is not meant to be run in a Docker container.

The data is stored in the eventman_data volume: do not cancel it.

The local data directory is mounted in the container: you can modify anything inside of it and changes will be reflected immediately in the running instance.

In the docker-tools directory there is a set of tools to build and run another container to dump and restore the database; you need the docker-compose running, to execute them. From that directory you can:

  • dump the current database in a file like eventman-dump-2017-11-28T21:57:43.tgz
  • eventman-dump-2017-11-28T21:57:43.tgz: restore the given dump. Notice that the current database is completely removed, so DO NOT restore a dump if you don't have a backup of the current data
  • open a shell for the database