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Pull request policy

Fix one issue per pull request.
Squash commits before opening a pull request.
Respect the coding style policy.
Name your PR like the following :

  • When correcting a single bridge, use [BridgeName] Feature.
  • When fixing a problem in a specific file, use [FileName] Feature.
  • When fixing a general problem, use category : feature.

Note that all pull-requests should pass the unit tests before they can be merged.

Coding style

Use camelCase for variables and methods.
Use UPPERCASE for constants.
Use PascalCase for class names. When creating a bridge, your class and PHP file should be named MyImplementationBridge.
Use tabs for indentation.
Add an empty line at the end of your file.

Use '' to encapsulate strings, including in arrays.
Prefer lines shorter than 80 chars, no line longer than 120 chars.
PHP constants should be in lower case (true, false, null...)

  • Add spaces between the logical operator and your expressions (not needed for the ! operator).
  • Use || and && instead of or and and.
  • Add space between your condition and the opening bracket/closing bracket.
  • Don't put a space between if and your bracket.
  • Use elseif instead of else if.
  • Add new lines in your conditions if they are containing more than one line.
  • Example :
if($a == true && $b) {
} else if(!$b) {

  $a = !$a;
  $b = $b >> $a;

} else {