Schede di micro presentazione per risolvere necessità, cercare tecnologie appropriate, uscire dai cloud GAFAM.

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Hacker Slides

MIT licensed Build Status

This repo is a reworked version of Sandstorm Hacker Slides which features easy set up run outside of Sandstorm and without vagrant-spk. Likewise you can publish and edit your previous markdown slides which is not supported in the original version.


  • Reach ui editor
  • Markdown markup
  • Live reload
  • Color schemes
  • Pdf print
  • Demo version
  • Tiny 10 Mb docker image
  • Optional Basic auth

| Edit mode | Published | | --- | --- | --- | | 1st | 1st | |2nd | 2nd |

Run from docker image

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/slides:/app/slides msoedov/hacker-slides

Build locally

To build and run it locally

go get
go run main.go

[GIN-debug] Listening and serving HTTP on :8080

And then you can just open and it's ready to use with sample slides.

Run with docker

docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/slides:/app/slides msoedov/hacker-slides

Protect slides with password

Basic auth (disabled by default)

USER=bob PASSWORD=password1 go run main.go
[GIN-debug] [WARNING] Running in "debug" mode. Switch to "release" mode in production.
 - using env:	export GIN_MODE=release
 - using code:	gin.SetMode(gin.ReleaseMode)

WARN[0000] Auth mode enabled
WARN[0000] Visit http://bob:password1@
docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -e USER=bob -e PASSWORD=password1 -v $(pwd)/slides:/app/slides msoedov/hacker-slides

Getting Help

For feature requests and bug reports submit an issue to the GitHub issue tracker