A bash script to block all connections not done through TOR

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This little bash script uses iptables to black all traffic from you computer that is't routed thru TOR. It does NOT work as a transparent proxy, routing all traffic you produce thru TOR. You HAVE TO configure the programs you want to use thru TOR to use the TOR socks proxy. Anonymize.sh just makes sure that programs that are not configured to use TOR do not get any access to the external network and so you can be sure that all you do is done thru TOR. Misconfiguration is so blocked and only the stuff you configure is exposed to TOR.

Be careful, I thought a transparent proxy (like anonsurf does) isn't bestly suited for this as if any of your software is giving sensitive data in its connections to the outside world a transparent proxy would give the sensitive data thru TOR, causing possible deanonymization issues.

Please report any issues you find and any possible vulnerabilities to ekardnam@autistici.org