Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  uf0 d1dbb8b493 added carteggio to podders 10 months ago
  danilo silva ba34c0234b refactor: change target name on makefile 10 months ago
  uf0 4470cd77a7 added podders 10 months ago
  danilo silva 054d875b66 feat: fetching data from at compile time 11 months ago
  danilo silva 20de037048 feat: use `podder` var to render "chi-siamo" page 11 months ago
  danilo silva 53e9ca157b chore: remove all ecto references 11 months ago
  danilo silva bb1fe91af0 feat: accepting dot in the archive item name 11 months ago
  danilo silva c7dbc916b3 feat: added a makefile task to build and publish new image version 1 year ago
  danilo silva 4282e486e6 updated dependencies 1 year ago
  danilo silva 4c743dc452 feat: generate podcast url from an archvie url and copy it to clipboard 1 year ago
  uf0 9b8672230f added chi page 1 year ago
  uf0 f3234dced5 added local fonts, no more gfonts 1 year ago
  danilo silva 318f0019d8 chore: install deps before run app 1 year ago
  danilo silva 1fc7cc55d7 chore: added docker configuration for dev environment 1 year ago
  danilo silva 06756188dc refact: dinamically link the howto page 1 year ago
  danilo silva 67c2a618ff chore: try to build scss on gigalixir 1 year ago
  danilo silva bb079a2f2a feat: added ui for home and howto pages 1 year ago
  danilo silva a1df57dbbe doc: updated README and added a (mit) LICENSE file 1 year ago
  danilo silva 3756314570 fix: using iso 639-1 format to print language 1 year ago
  danilo silva 1ee361938e fix: fetch the hostname from the url to print the current link 1 year ago
  danilo silva 16d7d68032 using env var also for scheme (http|https) 1 year ago
  danilo silva 8d38a93710 bump version number 1 year ago
  danilo silva 51bbf9f59d scheduling reloading of data from archive every day at 6.00 and 18.00 1 year ago
  danilo silva 601f82a5cb removed ecto dependencies 1 year ago
  danilo silva f7a5054de7 renamed project 1 year ago
  danilo silva 579cc97bab build: Dockerized application 1 year ago
  danilo silva f565395819 supporting also `item image` as format for cover 1 year ago
  danilo silva b52ba7117e updating prod host settings 1 year ago
  danilo silva d817c30d46 fetch data before reload 1 year ago
  danilo silva e374779c19 removed hardcoding url 1 year ago