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  • have a public ip
  • point a dns entry to your public ip
  • change said dns entry in the variables file in the line "jitsi_http_domain"
  • a basic knowledge of docker and ansible will get a long way with this accrocchio

install packages:

apt install git ansible


yum install -y epel-release && yum install git ansible


git clone

cd jitsi-quick

ansible-playbook ansible-jitsi.yml


in variables.yml are set some useful things:

  • hostname: that will be given to your machine
  • timezone: self-explanatory
  • jitsi_latest_stable: I wanted it to be harcoded since if you pull the default image is the TESTING one
  • jitsi_http_domain: your domain
  • jitsi_letsencrypt_email: your email

custom plugin:

if you wish to install a custom plugin, for example token_moderation:



to your env file (repo/env.j2)

cd docker-jitsi-meet
docker-compose stop
cd ..
git clone
cp jitsi-token-moderation-plugin/mod_token_moderation.lua .jitsi-meet-cfg/prosody/prosody-plugins-custom/
chown 101 .jitsi-meet-cfg/prosody/prosody-plugins-custom/mod_token_moderation.lua
cd docker-jitsi-meet
docker-compose start

custom toolbar buttons:

in your env file (repo/env.j2) add/edit this line:




if your deploy has been succesfull but you want to go back to a (docker) clean state:

cd ..
cd docker-jitsi-meet/
docker-compose down
cd ..
rm -rf docker-jitsi-meet .jitsi-meet-cfg
cd jitsi-quick

beware of:

this deploy is quick and dirty, so you won't have a very talkative playbook, for example if you deploy with the default domain "" the deploy will fail without notice, to be more aware of what's happening you can look at the logs:

cd ..
cd docker-jitsi-meet/
docker-compose logs --follow

tested on:

  • debian 11 (extensively)
  • centos 7 (well)
  • amazon linux 2 (sorta, done changes after that so.. beware)
  • ubuntu (not, I've copied some working roles but am not using it on servers so..)

not tested on:

  • animals