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  pezcurrel af4a0e2aa5 Added mail results code 2 days ago
  pezcurrel 82939246dc Added exercises for rachialgia 1 week ago
  pezcurrel ec7939eb96 Adapted the regexp detecting entries to the new list format on 4 weeks ago
  pezcurrel 76f64fa519 Added the possibility to put a “.forceresurr” file in the main directory to force a run with longer gracetime 1 month ago
  pezcurrel c6a0f43aaa If no instance is to be checked, exit soon 1 month ago
  pezcurrel 3feccffce0 Fixed a bug by extending the query used for loading instances to be checked (it wasn’t considering new instances, now it should) 1 month ago
  pezcurrel 1c1d9fb095 After peerscrawl.php has run, make a copy of peerscrawl.log to peerscrawl.log.old 1 month ago
  pezcurrel 77c37c3f68 Made it echo seconds if there are seconds left, or if ozero is true, or if no previous output was echoed 1 month ago
  pezcurrel a611e251fc Fixed a bug that was preventing crawler.php and peerscrawl.php to use the actual graceline they should be using when the “--gracetime” option was used 1 month ago
  pezcurrel 0db641dc82 Updated 1 month ago
  pezcurrel f034d57fbc Changed day of the month to run peerscrawl.php with a non-default gracetime of 2 months from the 26th to the 25th; translated the script to english 1 month ago
  pezcurrel 77d8ab3063 Fixed a flaw (if the passed amount of seconds was 0 it could return nothing) 1 month ago
  Pezcurrel 2bd08da1fc Updated italian translation 2 months ago
  Pezcurrel b21db7c7fc Updated 2 months ago
  Pezcurrel 28f3578d7b Added some tasks 2 months ago
  Gnucco c3f167739c Replaced references with 2 months ago
  pezcurrel f8dd74f1b7 Added class for invisible stuff (“display: none;”) 3 months ago
  pezcurrel d35074c79e Added invisible link with “rel=me”to my mastodon account 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 18cf54fb62 Changed “minaudef” from 10 to 5 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 1b7155cd74 Removed-oved-oved 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 93d1997268 Removed-oved 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 5c180e70c0 Added again 3 months ago
  pezcurrel d016664742 Removed 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 6190e77713 Removed 3 months ago
  pezcurrel dbaf47f542 Giuggiole! 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 96f0f92248 Removed 3 months ago
  pezcurrel afbf739930 Added 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 238ac44485 Changed “done” message 3 months ago
  pezcurrel 2e2fa2d179 Updated 3 months ago
  pezcurrel d8c203e5d5 Updated to new grace.php instead of gracetime.php 3 months ago