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un docker-compose.yml per gancio con un container letsproxy per generare i certificati SSL tramite

Initial setup

You do not need to clone the full repo as we distribute gancio via npm.
A Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml are the only files needed.

  • Create a directory where everything related to gancio is stored (db, images, config)

    mkdir /opt/gancio  
    cd /opt/gancio

note that you can choose a different directory.

Use postgreSQL

  1. Download docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile

  2. Create an empty configuration (this is needed)

    touch config.json    
    mkdir user_locale


La risposta di gandi su come generare certificati SSL con Let's Encrypt

It is not possible to perform a DNS check via the Certbot client, you
have to go through a check via your web server (apache or nginx).

The other solution is to use the client which allows you to
create Let's Encrypt SSL certificates using our API and LiveDNS :


aggiunti nel docker-compose.yml

  • l'APIkey di gandi nell'environment di letsproxy

  • le conf nell'environment di gancio   

Start gancio

  1. Create network

    docker network create gancio_network
  2. Run your container

    docker-compose up -d
  3. Look at logs with

    docker-compose logs -f

Test ssl

questo non serve l'abbiamo usato per testare che riuscisse a creare i certificati con l'APIkey di gandi

docker exec -ti gancio_letsproxy_1 /bin/bash / --issue --dns dns_gandi_livedns -d -d