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Install Dependencies

First of all we need to install dependencies, run in terminal

npm install

NPM Scripts

  • 🔥 start - run development server
  • 🔧 dev - run development server
  • 🔧 build - build web app for production


There is a Vite bundler setup. It compiles and bundles all "front-end" resources. You should work only with files located in /src folder. Vite config located in vite.config.js.


Assets (icons, splash screens) source images located in assets-src folder. To generate your own icons and splash screen images, you will need to replace all assets in this directory with your own images (pay attention to image size and format), and run the following command in the project directory:

framework7 assets

Or launch UI where you will be able to change icons and splash screens:

framework7 assets --ui

Documentation & Resources

Support Framework7

Love Framework7? Support project by donating or pledging on: